Mini DIY Dog First Aid Kit for Hiking, the House and/or the Car

The hiking article also has a piece on first aid kit to bring along hiking but it's also great to have these items compiled and ready for anything that could happen.

Mini DIY Dog First Aid Kit for Hiking, the House and/or the Car


Posted On June 20, 2017

This Mini DIY Dog First Aid Kit is perfect for short hikes and trips to the park. Small, water resistant and super portable. Throw one in your pack, your dog’s pack, your purse or your pocket!

I pride myself on being a pretty responsible dog owner. I check out trails ahead of time to make sure they’re a good fit for my dogs. We plan hikes according to the weather and heat index to make sure my dogs are protected from the elements. I carry more than enough water and supplies. They have jackets in the winter and cooling vests and life jackets in the summer. But, there is one thing that I’ve been far too lax about. One thing that I know is a ticking time bomb for my dogs.. and that’s First Aid. 

In my SUV, I always have a full-size (human AND dog) first aid kit, but I generally don’t carry one with me on the trail. I also have a small human first aid kit for backpacking, but it’s lacking in dog-specific supplies. I know I really should carry one and I’ve been saying for forever that I need to put one together. Well, this past weekend was the kick in the butt that I needed to finally make a DOY dog first aid kit.

A message from the dog gods…

We took Revere with us on a SUPER easy hike. The trail is flat and smooth… no rocks, no cliffs, no apparent dangers to be seen. Well, about a mile in, Revere started limping pretty significantly. I checked his leg and it seemed fine. I checked his paw and there was a large splinter sticking straight out from the sensitive skin in between his paw pads. Thankfully, it was a large enough piece that I could remove it with my hand. BUT what if that wasn’t the case? Sure, I have a first aid kit in the car, but even a mile is a long way to walk with something stuck in your paw.

I instantly felt like a terrible dog mom. My poor baby. Sure, I got it out and he was okay, but what if it was something more serious? What if his pad was cut open and he was bleeding? We’ve been REALLY lucky that our dogs have never really gotten hurt on the trail, but luck won’t always be on our side. The next day I decided to make a DIY dog first aid kit. I rummaged through our large first aid kit and our bathroom medicine cabinet and started gathering supplies. Then I went to the dollar store to find a small container and pick up the few things that I was missing.


Introducing our new Mini DIY Dog First Aid Kit

Mini DIY Dog First Aid Kit

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The main reason why I have neglected to carry a dog first aid kit for so long is the sheer size of our current kit. I love our fill size first aid kit, the Alcott Explorer 40-Piece First Aid Kit for Dogs and People, but I needed a smaller, more portable version. I couldn’t find one with exactly what I wanted, so I decided to make my own DIY dog first aid kit. Most of the components were things that I already had lying around.

The remaining supplies (Benadryl, tweezers, gauze, med tape) I got for $1 each at Dollar Tree.// The best find thought was these cool red water-resistant boxes. They snap closed and come in a 3-pack, so each one was only about 33 cents. SCORE! I’m making one for each of our dog’s packs and one to leave in my daypack as well. You can also find similar containers on Amazon if you aren’t as crazy cheap as me and don’t want to drive around Dollar Store hopping, like these.

Here’s what’s inside:

Mini DIY Dog First Aid Kit



  • Benadryl (for allergic reactions, bee stings)**
  • Carprofen (anti-inflammatory, pain reliever)**
  • Vet info card

**I am NOT a veterinarian. Please do your research and consult your vet for proper dosages and before giving your dogs any new medications.

This kit is not meant to REPLACE a full size first aid kit.

The job of this kit is to hold my dog over in case of an emergency until I can get him/her back to my truck to my full first aid kit and/or to a veterinarian if needed. The mini dog first aid kit is meant to be used for short hikes where you aren’t far from your vehicle. With this kit, I can now treat a bee sting or allergic reaction, remove ticks and splinters, clean and cover an open wound, wrap a hurt paw, stop a stubborn bleed, and combat some other common trail injuries.

Hopefully I won’t ever need it, but I feel 100 times better on the trail now knowing that I have enough supplies to hold my dog over until we get back to my truck, and full first aid kit. For long hikes and backpacking trips, you will want to carry more than this tiny dog first aid kit. For short hikes or even visits to the park, this tiny kit can really help in a pinch.  

Emergency Vet Info Card

The other thing that I wanted to include is a place to store vet information. This can be the info to your own vet or the info to a local vet in the area where you’re hiking. We do a lot of hiking away hours from home, where our regular vet is too far of a drive in an emergency. In times like these, it’s a good idea to have local vet info on hand just in case. If your dog is hurt on the trail, you don’t want to waste time trying to find a data connection and Googling. You want to take care of your dog’s immediate needs, get them to your vehicle, and head straight to a vet’s office.